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Hot Spot of the Week serves up Cool Treats

Happy Monday! It’s time for the Hot Spot of the Week! And, it is one of my family’s fav spots! It’s Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers! 

I’m sure many of you have frequented one of our city’s beloved Freddy’s locations…multiple times…and you can’t stay away! Who can? From the cute little shoestring fries to the smoothest frozen custard, this hometown fav is always requested for dinner on the way home from school. My four year old, Jude, pleads with…”Can we please go to Freddy’s? I need to eat a burger & fries with Fry Sauce and get some chocolate ice cream with a cherry!” haha! Oh, kids are fun aren’t they? I think that child could eat a cheeseburger for dinner almost every night! And, I’m a sucker for anything sweet, especially if it’s ice cream…well, in this case, frozen custard. 

Now, you all know I am not a fan of taking my boys into restaurants to eat…it’s a constant battle with Hudson to not touch his hair with his messy hands…since they do not have the best of table manners, yet. However, we can take them into Freddy’s to eat and they do great! I don’t know if it’s the food or the atmosphere or if it’s the fact they both know they will get a sweet cold chocolatey treat when they use manners & eat nicely. Anyway you cut it, Freddy’s is a great place to take your kiddos for a meal! I definitely do not walk in with dread & anxiety wishing I would have just picked it up and brought their food home. 

So today, Jude and I had a little mini day date after his doc appointment; and where did we go…that’s right, Freddy’s! We had mini concretes, his was chocolate with crushed up oreos and mine was healthy, the Hawaiian concrete! haha! I said healthy! It’s all how you think about it. Anywho, he had a blast! The lovely gal who took our order brought our concretes to us at our table…first, I was like, aww how nice! Then, she noticed how my son’s eyes grew huge with excitement over the cherry sitting on top of my concrete, which I automatically offered to him (because that’s what us moms do), but to my surprise, she offered one to him. Again, I was like, aww how nice!! She even offered him some whipped cream, which I was shocked when he said no thanks. Not because he used manners, but because he turned it down. That kid eats cream out of a bowl like it’s ice cream…he may have gotten that from me. Hey, don’t judge, it’s good! 

I digress…all I really want to say is Freddy’s is a top notch restaurant with yummy food that doesn’t taste like fast food, concretes to die for, and family friendly environment with great service! Thank you Freddy’s, on Rock Road, for making my son’s day!!! Our little trip to Freddy’s was his high point of Hi-Lo-Buffalo! Thank you Freddy’s, Thank you!!! #ilovefreddys #ilovewichita

From this mom of two sons who LOVE Freddy’s Frozen Custards & Steakburgers…CHEERS! 

carrie xoxo


Visit Freddy’s and tell me all about your fun experience & what your favorite concrete or sundae is!