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Hot Spot of the Week is an Ultimate Indulgence

Spring is in the air in the ICT, after the lovely weekend weather we had! We spent our Saturday St. Patrick’s Style at the parade in Historic Downtown and our Sunday indulging ourselves in a little ice cream from Coldstone Creamery! And, what a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy a brain freeze or three. heehee!

As my boys left to get their haircut…I told my husband, “You better not let the lady buzz cut my boys!”…I may have dropped a subtle hint of, “You know, you boys could always grab some ice cream after you’re done with haircuts…” Thankfully, they all 3 took the hint. So, when I got the call about what I wanted from Coldstone Creamery, I almost screamed with excitement into the phone! YIPPEE!!! 

Now, if you’ve ever been to Coldstone Creamery, you know they have many, many options, right? How do you choose? Do you make your own? Or do you opt for one of their amazing creations? Anyway you scoop it, it’s all delish! I go between the coffee and the cheesecake ice creams…I mean, HELLO! What’s better than those two flavors?? I’ll tell you, add some Reese Pieces and you’ll find out!

When I was prego with Jude, Ryan introduced me to Coldstone Creamery and I could never get the name right. I kept calling it Stone Cold Creamery…he’d just shake his head and say, “That’s a wrestler, babe. It’s COLDstone!” I blamed it on prego-brain…it’s a real thing, you know. It would be freezing temps outside, like 20 or less, and I’d beg Ryan to take me to ‘Stone Cold Creamery”. I’d always tell him that it’s never too cold for ice cream! My go-to prego treat was the Cheesecake Ice Cream with gummy bears & reeses pieces on top…for both of my pregnancies!! Gotta say, it still sounds good even post-pregnancy. I really need to venture outside of just the coffee or cheesecake flavors because I tried the birthday cake one yesterday and YUM! doesn’t even come close to describing all of the deliciousness that was in that little bite. Anyone else getting hungry for ice cream? 

Coldstone doesn’t just have delish ice cream; they also make fabulously yummy cakes…cupcakes…cookie sandwiches…smoothies…frozen yogurt…sorbet…see why it’s the ultimate indulgence? See why you need to go? Trust me, you’ll fall in love! 

So, rush over to the nearest Coldstone Creamery today to experience The Ultimate Indulgence! You’re Welcome! heehee! 

Remember, it’s never too cold for ice cream and CHEERS!

carrie xoxo