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Grab a Slice of Art at the Hot Spot of the Week

Slices of Art is what you’ll find at this week’s Hot Spot!

Customize it to your liking with 30 different options or choose a Slice of Art…any way you slice it, Picasso’s Pizzeria is one of the BEST pizza places in the ICT and our Hot Spot of the Week! 

Now, I had been hearing about Picasso’s  pizza for awhile now and had been dying to try it…it finally happened and I’m so happy it did! Last Friday night, I was there for Plant Nite with some girl friends of mine. What is Plant Nite? Check out Yaymaker & find out for yourself. heehee!

Seriously though, when I found out the event was at Picasso’s, I was thrilled! We got to the event early so we could grab a drink, order pizza, & check out the joint. We all fell in love, right away! Besides the exposed brick walls & cool atmosphere, they make the BEST gluten-free pizza crust EVER! Hands down! They WIN! And, I should know, I have eaten/tried a lot of gluten-free pizza crusts. Plus, they have Canadian bacon!! LOVE!! And, mushrooms, not the gross canned kind either! 

I so badly wanted to try a Slice of Art (I still do!)…they look & smell delicious! Honestly, as I type this I am salivating for Picasso’s! Lucky for me, there’s a Picasso’s East that’s pretty close to home. I know where our next family night is…hint hint. Picasso’s…get ready for the Wolke boys! They LOVE pizza! 

I can’t end this without telling you all about the service…they were busy & stayed that way all night long. They were just as friendly & pleasant as could be! It was refreshing! Thank you Picasso’s in Delano for a great experience! I will be back many times! 

Go check out one of the Picasso’s Pizzerias in the ICT at

621 W Douglas or 5900 E Central where you can fall in love with one of their Slices of Art! 

Until next time…I’m off for a Vegas Vacay with my hubs & our dear friends to have a little date with Aerosmith!


carrie xoxo