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Hot Spot of the Week is fanatical…

This week’s Hot Spot has always been fanatical about their custard! And, we (my boys, hubs, and myself) are too! 

See, we pass this awesome frozen custard spot every day to & from school. We watched it being constructed. We waited patiently; well, maybe not patiently, we waited with anticipation of it’s opening! We found out the GRAND OPENING date & were ECSTATIC! Until I noticed it was the same day my hubs & I were leaving for Vegas…UGH! I wanted to take my boys the day it opened. I mean, we did wait and talk it about it every day. 

Well, the wait was WORTH IT! It was just a scrumptious as the first time I had it in Springfield, Missouri! This new local hot spot is none other than Andy’s Frozen Custard

We may have missed the opening day, but we made it a few days later with much enthusiasm! My boys were ecstatic to finally get to eat Andy’s AND sit outside while doing so! There was a line, which was great for us because I wanted to take my time going over the menu…let me say, that line went quick. With so many options & choices & sizes, Andy’s will satisfy any sweet tooth! Oh, and the banana split…I’ve yet to try it…it’s next on my list! It’ll be my ‘healthy’ version! heehee!

Now, make sure when you get to Andy’s you do the following:

1. Take a selfie by the Selfie Sign!

2. Get the Yum Squad App

3. Order the World’s Best Frozen Custard!

4. Enjoy it outside! Or at home! Or in the car! Or anywhere!


Oh, and did you know it is the largest dessert ONLY franchise in the world? It is! How cool is that?!?! And, we have two of them in Wichita! Can’t get much better than that! 

So…What will you choose from their menu?

Until next time…



carrie xoxo