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Fired up about the Hot Spot of the Week

I’m fired up about this week’s hot spot! It’s You’re Fired Ceramics in my hometown of Andover! You may think it’s only for the artistic, but it’s a place for all! Any age…any size…any type of interests…they have small ceramics from heart ornaments to mythical creatures to large Holiday forms to charger plates, even tea pots & coffee mugs for Mother’s Day!

**HINT HINT…go paint something for you Mother this week and give it to her on Mother’s Day! You know mom’s like homemade gifts from her children!**

Our first visit to You’re Fired Ceramics was a couple of weekends ago for my niece’s birthday party. There were fifteen or so little pre-pre-teen girls, my 4 year old niece, and my two boys, 4 & 3. I really thought my boys were going to want to leave as soon as they walked in…I should have known my 3 year old just wanted to touch every breakable he could reach. **rolling eyes in a panic of him breaking something** 

Instead, they were in awe of all the choices of creatures, big & small, that they could paint. And, in any color they wanted to paint. And, however they wanted to paint their item of choice! Those boys had a blast painting! 

Now, if you have boys, you know how easily they get bored…they can not do the same thing for more than 15-20 minutes at a time…except this time! I was really amazed at how intense they both were with painting their little superhero & crocodile. The fact you have to paint three coats to intensify the color, for the end result, helps in keeping their hands busy. When it was time to dry & they were finished painting, the boys got to play with the owner’s grandson. Thank goodness for another little boy; all three boys could play superheroes & ‘boy stuff’ while the girls finished their creations. 

So, head out to Andover to You’re Fired Ceramics…but not on Monday or Sunday, that’s when they’re closed and GET FIRED UP! Make sure to sign up for their monthly giveaway too! 


Until next time…CHEERS! 

xoxo carrie