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My Top 4 Burger Joints

We eat a lot of burgers in my home. I mean a lot! See, when you have a 5 year old obsessed with burgers…and I mean obsessed; he orders a burger when we go to Starbucks and you know they don’t serve burgers (insert eye roll followed by Son, you’re killing me!)…you eat burgers quite often. Plus, I’m married to a ‘meat & potatoes’ man who just happens to raise cattle…can you see where I am going with this…we always have beef at our house! A freezer full, to be exact. Just one of the amazing perks of being married to a farmer. 

It’s a good that burgers are a “Big Deal” in my family. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a big ole juicy burger? I know I crave them! So, where are your fav spots to grab a burger? 


Here are a few of my favs…and please tell me your’s…we are always up for trying new spots that serve burgers! Unless, you’ve eaten them for practically every meal, like my hubs & I did once, on a trip to Vegas with dear friends…save that story for another time.


Dempsey’s Pub  One of my all time favorite places…from all of their unique burger choices to ALL of the fry choices AND then the delish dipping sauces!! I mean, Come On People! You have to get the truffle fries!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! They are divine! AND you can add a perfectly perfect fried egg to your burger AND even serve it up on a gluten-free bun!! They rock!! I mean, what else can a girl say? Love them! 


Timbuktu Bar & Grill  Now, if you haven’t been here, you’re missing out! Timbuk is a staple in Andover & one of the friendliest places too! Seriously, one of my most favorite spots! And, I’m not just saying that because I’m an Andover girl. Now, make sure you go with someone & here’s why…make them order the curly fries…FABULOUS…you get the onion rings…the BEST…and share your sides. Win-Win! When you order your HUGE burger…get the fried onions, you’ll thank me…then sit back with your cold beer, or bev of choice, and await your feast! Did I mention the burgers are HUGE? Come hungry! Oh, and you must ask for the jalapeno relish…just perfect!! How can you not love this cool hometown spot?!?! LOVE IT! 


Freddy’s is always asked for by my two boys! Not just because you get ‘ice cream’ aka custard, but for their love of the Freddy’s burgers & fries! It’s so refreshing to have two little guys who opt for Freddy’s over a fast food joint that gives a toy! Raising them right and to have taste buds that appreciate real food! Did you know that Freddy’s fries are awesome reheated in the toaster oven? Well, they are! We sometimes have a few left over, since the burgers are so filling, and we can’t bear to throw them out. They are too good! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed…if you have any left.  


Fizz Burgers & Bottles  First…could this be one of the coolest names ever? I think so! It’s such a fun name! Ryan & I, discovered Fizz when I was pregnant with Jude in 2013. I ate so many Fizz burgers during that pregnancy…no wonder Jude’s favorite food is a burger! heehee! Anyway, I still love their burgers & sweet potato fries!! You’ve got to try them and their dipping sauces! YUMMY!! Plus, they have just about every type of soda or fizzy drink you can think of! Next time you’re up North on the East side…hit up the Fizz for a burger & fizzy drink! Totally worth the drive, for you west siders! 

So readers…what on my list is missing? Where do I need to go next, with my family, for the “BEST” Burger? 

Tell me in the comments…tag the burger joint on the post…text me…call me…email me…messenger pigeon me…just fill my feed up with what you think is the BEST burger joint! I can’t wait to try more!!

Until next time…when you’ve given me another burger place…CHEERS!

xoxo carrie