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Turn Back Time

Are you all singing Cher’s,  “If I could turn back time…I’d give it all to you” I hope so because I am and it’s stuck in my mind! haha! AND…I’M BAAAACK!! I’ve so so so missed writing blog stories and entertaining you all through my words. I know you all missed me…I feel your love. heehee! 

Now, let’s talk about a quick list you can get through this weekend of Daylight Savings…FALL BACK! I mean, why not knock this list out this weekend…you are getting an extra hour and all. *hint hint: do this list*


Your Fall Turn Back Time List


1. Check your Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You know the drill…change the batteries and test your detectors to ensure they are working! Your life and your family’s depends on it. Flames can burst out in minutes at any time. Please, protect yourselves. I like you all!

2. Mattress Flip

Flip or Rotate…don’t flip your pillow top over…talk about an uncomfy sleepless night! Did you know you should flip a mattress every 6 months? News to me. Anyhow, while you’re at it, dust your nightstands & bed frame as well as sweep under your bed…if you can…we have a box-type bed with built in drawers underneath it so that won’t be happening. But, you need to sweep under yours! Nobody likes dust bunnies, except mice! YIKES! 

3. Wash your Pillows

Ready for some gross info…dead skin & face oils & dust mites are in your pillow…ICK! Get those bad boys in the wash, please & thank you! If they are over 2 years old, then toss those babies out and get some new ones! We have Casper pillows and we LOVE them! Seriously, the BEST PILLOW EVER MADE! You will fall in love! And when you use this link, you’ll get 10% off your order! Sweet!

4. Toss out Expired Items

Toss out the expired stuff…seriously, TOSS IT OUT! Get in your medicine cabinet and start tossing. Get in your pantry and start tossing. While you are at it, please sweep the floor & clean off the shelves.  Get into the back of your fridge and freezer…throw it out! Don’t forget the deep freeze too!

5. Clean your Refrigerator Coils

I like to call this one the “Hubs Job” because the fridge is hard to move…it’s heavy! I’ll have the vacuum prepped for my hubs; so all he’ll have to do is suck away the dirt & dust with the vac wand. See, I helped out on his job. haha!

6. Vacuum out Dryer vent & duct

Another “Hubs Job”…why not since the vacuum is out? Grab the wand or crevice tool to your vac and start sucking up that lint! Make sure to get in the vent pipes, behind the dryer, & the ducts outside your house. You do not want a Dryer Fire! 

7. Replace your HVAC Filter

How did you guess it? Another “Hubs Job”! heehee! This one is easy! And since we all have been running our furnaces then AC’s then back to furnaces for last couple of weeks, it’s definitely time to replace!

8. Vacuum ALL Upholstery

I’m talking about your sofa, your couch, your recliner, and even your drapes! Get into the crevices, that means you must pull the cushions off. And, if you don’t like to pull them off, I have two little boys who believe it’s their sole purpose in life to take ALL of the pillows & cushions off the couches…ALL. OF. THE. TIME! It drives me crazy!

???? LIGHTBULB ???? When they do this next, which I am sure will be multiple times this weekend, I will have them vacuum the couches! It’s their playroom; they need to learn more responsibility. 🙂   

9. Clean out the Vacuum

Since I have made you vacuum under your bed, your couches, your refrigerator coils, your dryer & ducts, it’s time to empty out the vac & clean it’s filter too! And, you’re almost done with cleaning all together! Lucky for me, my hubs does the filter cleaning too! He’s the best!

10. Clean the Oven

With the holidays around the corner, let’s clean up the most important appliance in the kitchen! Run that self-cleaning oven or get old school and start scrubbing!

Now, you may all not know this, but I have an old glass top oven that I loathe! Seriously! If an oven could suck, it would be mine! It is the ONLY appliance we have not replaced in the kitchen. I would rather pull that sucker out and actually HELP my Hubs install a NEW oven rather than clean that POS! If you’re with me, let’s go oven shopping! What brand is your fave? 

10. Get an Emergency Kit

I say ‘GET’ as nicely as I can because we do not have one of these in my house and we NEED one! We do live in the land of Tornadoes and Wintery storms. And, since the weekend is basically here, I’ll commit to putting an emergency kit together this weekend! What about you? Will you commit too? Or may be you already have one? If you have one, comment with some of the items in your kit…please and thank you! 

What to put in an Emergency Kit?


+batteries (for said flashlight)

+survival knife (like a pocket knife)

+bandages aka First Aid Kit (We have one of these)


+blanket (emergency blanket)

+non-perishable food items


+warmers (like foot and hand)


+drinking water tablets

+Just-In-Case Items…huh?? like what, beef jerky? alcohol (rubbing & consumable)? What do you classify as ‘just-in-case’

And to finish off the list…this is the BEST PART of the whole list!

11. Make yourself a lovely Fall cocktail…You deserve it!

I love the Fall and all the colors! I think it’s a perfect time to pull out the copper mugs and have a Moscow Mule with an Autumnal Twist! Enter, the Apple Cider Moscow Mule! Two of my faves made into one! 

This cocktail is perfect this weekend since the weather is warming up from the 20 degrees & snow we just had. 


+Copper Mugs (you can make without, I just prefer them…they’re so cool!)

+Apple Vodka (check out the top vodkas here!)

+Apple Cider

+Ginger Beer 


+Cinnamon Stick




-Fill mugs up with ice and ADD 2oz of Vodka

-ADD equal parts Apple Cider & Ginger Beer

-Squeeze lime wedge & STIR

-Garnish with cinnamon stick & apple slice

-Voila! CHEERS!

♥All the credit for this recipe goes to Home is Where the Boat is Blog ♥

Get up & get to tackling that list! Then sit back with your cocktail! Snap a photo ????of you doing your list or enjoying your new fave ????cocktail! Post it here or on the fb page


And, remember to ????????????”Turn Back Time”???????? tonight!


until the next one…CHEERS????

xoxo carrie